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Scope Mount Alteration Service

Scope Mount Alteration Service

SKU: 140405

Please call before ordering- 860-742-0227 Ext-18

Scope Mount Alteration - Part No. 140405
We can alter your Sadlak Scope Mount to fix problems with windage or elevation after installing a Sadlak Scope mount.  There are many reasons causing this problem but on rare occasions, it could be a receiver left-side horizontal groove is too shallow and narrow. This prevents the mount from resting flush and square against the left-side surface.  You can measure the groove width using our RECEIVER INSPECTION KiT pn 140400 (Note this is included with each Sadlak Scope Mount or available seperately).  The kit containts  inspection pins of known diameter that you place in the groove and measure with a 2" mic or caliper.  See instructions for full details. If, after you measure the recevier groove width and depth, and it is undersized by .010" or more (ex. depth at .052") then it is likely your mount will need to be modified.  If you have the kit and you take the measurements, per the instructions, you can fax that sheet to 860-742-4244 or email to Cost for custom machining the inside key of your scope mount is $65 plus $9 shipping.  Shipping to Sadlak is customer responsibility. Fits any M1A receiver based rifle such as the M14, M21, SOCOM 16, Scout 18 etc. Question call 860 742 0227 ext. 22 (Sales) or ext. 18 (Customer Service).

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