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Receiver Inspection Kit

Receiver Inspection Kit

SKU: 140400
Receiver Inspection Kit - Part No. 140400
We’ve taken the trial and error out of the mounting process by developing an Inspection Kit that includes detailed colored instruction sheets with diagrams, plus two sizes of precision ground inspection pins. The simple, at-home, self inspection procedure allows the M1A owner to verify if their M1A receiver’s left side groove is made to USGI specs.
If it falls within USGI specification mount enjoy the finest scope mount made for your M1A. If the receiver fails inspection or there is a question regarding the measurements please fax the measurement sheet to 860-742-4244 or email to If adjustments are necessary a $50 machining fee will apply.
Fits any M1A receiver based rifle such as the M14, M21, SOCOM 16, etc.
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