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Self-Healing and Affordable Archery Targets

Fixture clamps for all types of machining processes

Mike Sadlak, President

Mike Sadlak started in the industry in 1989 as Sadlak Innovative Design LLC as an engineering studio developing solutions for manufacturing and assembly companies.  His company grew quickly demanding more of his time and more in-house prototype and one off assembly.  As his company grew new opportunities presented themselves and Mike began to focus on components for firearms. He established Sadlak Industries with 2 distinct product lines, one in the AR market featuring Gas Blocks and the second in the M1A market featuring his Premium Scope Mount. Ten years later Mike is offering 17 different Gas Blocks and accessories for the AR platform and 4 different M1A Premium Scope Mounts, Spring Guide, 3 Gas Pistons, and 4 different Heavy Duty Front Rails and accessories.

John Barrett, Sales / Mktg Manager

John Barrett Is the Sales and Marketing Manager.  He served in the Army National Guard and has been in Sales and Marketing for most of his career.  He is dedicated to assuring our customers receive the best customer service our company can provide.   Give John a call today, 860-742-0227 ext 22.

Roger Sperry, Sales Representative

Roger Sperry has a long history in the firearms industry.  A trained Marine and Vietnam Veteran Roger is an established firearms expert, pistol champion, Gun Range Captain, etc. He has worked in the machining industry making guns and gun components as well as customer service and counter sales over the years. Roger is an excellent resource to help you with identifying the right component or help you through the installation process so you can enjoy your Sadlak accessories. 

Give him a call today at 860-742-0227 ext 14.

Laurie Dufresne, Customer Service

Laurie is our customer service person and is normally the voice you hear first if your call us. After you place your order through the website or Sales Department, Laurie is on the job making sure your order is processed and shipped out in a timely manner.

So if you call make sure you say hi to Laurie.

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