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M1A Stainless Steel Scope Mount Prototype


M1A Stainless Steel Scope Mount - Only 3 ever made!

M1A Stainless Steel Airborne Scope Mount - is precision milled using USA made 304 stainless steel bar stock then put it through a rigorous multiple point final inspection process to insure a quality fit and function prior to finishing. Each mount comes with all mounting hardware, fasteners, hex wrenches, and detailed instructions. A receiver inspection kit is included to insure the mating receiver was milling to original USGI specifications. If it falls within USGI specification mount enjoy the finest scope mount made for your M1A. If the receiver fails inspection or there is a question regarding the measurements please fax the measurement sheet to 860-742-4244 or email to If adjustments are necessary a $50 machining fee will apply.