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Gas Cylinder Wrench is Available in Aluminum or Steel - Drillset is Aluminum

Note:  Items sold separately as Wrench, 2-pc Gas Piston Cleaning Drillset, Gas Plug Cleaning Drill, and USGI Combo Tool

Olive Drab Green.  

The aluminum model is CNC machined from thick aircraft quality 6061 heat-treated aluminum. The thicker material and large beveled edges provide added comfort.

The Steel model is CNC machined from 1/4 thick steel with a smaller beveled edge.  Both wrenches are designed to fit all original USGI and most commercial gas cylinders.


For foreign made gas cylinders, we offer an over-sized version available only in thk. alum.,
olive drab color.

Gas Cylinder Wrench Combo Tool

The large hole in the wrench is internally D-Shaped to conveniently hold the small end of the piston from rotating during cleaning (see photos at bottom).

Cleaning Drill Set  Drill Set

The cleaning drill set includes a #15 (.180 dia) & Letter P (.323 dia.) drill for scraping the carbon deposits from the internal bores.  The drill handles are CNC machined from the same type of 6061 aluminum with a comfortable ergonomic design.  Drill Set

Gas Cylinder Plug Cleaning Drill - Letter "O" Drill (Dia .316)

Gas Plug Cleaning

Gas Plus cleaning

After removing the gas plug using the Sadlak Gas Cylinder Wrench and a USGI Combo Tool (or a 3/8 box wrench), insert the new "O" drill into the gas plug to scrape and remove carbon deposits.


All tools are finished with a baked-on Non-Mar Mil Spec coating (same spec used by the military) in your choice of colors.  This finish is .002 - .004 thick and very durable, plus, the wrench won't damage or mark your gas cylinder.

Combo Tool

Combo Wrench1/4" Steel Model in Olive Drab

1/4" Steel Model in Desert Camo (Discontinued Color)

Ghost Ring Wrench for SEI Gas Cylinder Lock Sight

In an effort to give our customers what they are telling us they need, we have developed a  specialty wrench for the Smith Enterprises M14 Gas Cylinder Lock Sight. The new wrench is a alternate model of the Sadlak Industries Gas Cylinder Combo Wrench but with the necessary milled flat on the jaw ID. They are available in both steel and aluminum versions and have the same .004 mil thick coating in Olive Drab. In all ways, they will be identical to the original wrenches except for the flat.

Ghose Ring Wrench

Specialty Wrench for SEI
                                          Ghost ring


Combo Tool USGI

Original USGI Issued M14 Combo Tool - Parkerized