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M14/M1a Rifle Parts

Model JB1
Also available with 4mm Pin
for Foreign Trigger Groups
Tactical Magazine Release Latch

            The Tactical Magazine Release Latch is manufactured to original USGI specification with the exception of the thumb pad which has been enlarged and serrated to provide a faster, smoother release, and a more positive grip.

The Case hardened steel has a hardness of 55 Rc and a Mil-Spec parkerized finish

Sadlak Tactical Magazine Release Latch
Model JB1 - Part Number 140040

4mm Pin Tactical Magazine Release Latch for Foreign Trigger Group
Part Number 140042

          The vertical serrated grooves in the tab are machined in the direction the thumb travels allowing a firm grip that results in quick magazine changes what are helpful during the rapid portion of competition matches and other tactical operations.

The ergonomic design of the rounded edges assure comfortable use.

SAdlak Tactical Magazine Release Latch

Comes with Installation Instructions, a tapered alignment pin, and a replacement Pivot Pin.

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