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Sadlak Industries LLC takes pride in the precision and workmanship of the products we sell.  These scope mounts are based on the original Brookfield Precision Tool mounts previously purchased by the military.  They are precision machined to fit on any M14(military) or M1A(civilian version of the M14) rifle that has been machined to the original GI specifications.  Unfortunately, not all current M1A receiver manufacturers adhere to the GI specifications particularly in the area’s of the stripper clip guide and left side surface and the left side horizontal groove.   Older receivers have a better track record.  If your M1A receiver is made correctly, this scope mount will fit against your receivers left side perfectly.  The key on the inside of the mount will seat into the horizontal groove with only a small amount of play and the inside surface of the mount will rest flush, with no gap or visible light showing, against the machined surfaces on the left side of the receiver.  If your mount does not fit this way then your receiver is not within GI specifications. 

According to the GI receiver drawing #7790189 the 60 degree groove on the left side should be .070/.078” (per blueprint) wide at the bottom and .149/.153” (calculated from gage point) wide at the top.  Our study shows that the GI groove is tightly machined with a tolerance or play of only .004 in the vertical movement.  If your mount does not fit correctly, it’s most likely this groove is not within GI specifications and is cut too shallow resulting in a groove that is too narrow. To get your scope mount to fit perfectly with assured zeroing, Sadlak Industries LLC can machine the inside key of your scope mount for an additional charge.  Please call for pricing and shipping procedures and to check if we have in inventory (non0GI spec.) mounts that have been specially machined with a left side key which is narrower to fit "out -of-spec" M1A receivers.

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