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M14/M1a Rifle Parts

Inspection Kit for
M14/M1A Left Side Groove
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We are the first M14/M1A scope mount manufacturer to offer a custom fitting service so you won’t have to compromise on your  scope mount fit when your M1A receiver is out-of-spec.

Now, with our new custom fitting service, every M1A owner can have the same perfect fitting scope mount as the military has on their USGI government inspected “original” forged M14 receivers.  It won’t matter if your M1A receiver was made to USGI specifications we’ll do the modification to the mount and make it fit perfectly.  

We’ve taken the trial and error out of the mounting process by developing an Inspection Kit that includes a detailed colored instruction sheets with diagrams plus two sizes of precision ground inspection pins.  The simple, at home, self-inspection procedure allows the M1A owner to verify if their M1A receiver’s left side groove is made to USGI specifications.   If it is not, you can easily provide us with your receivers exact left-side groove dimensions without having to ship us your rifle.

We will then custom fit your Sadlak Industries LLC scope mount for a service fee of $50.00 and guarantee the fit.

The Inspection kit is supplied free with any purchase of a Sadlak Industries LLC scope mount or, upon request, with any order over $50.00.  It is the simplest trouble-shooting tool available if you have misalignment problems when attempting to install a mount on an out-of-spec receiver.  These problems have occurred more often on newly manufactured M1A receivers.  Older M1A receivers have a better track record.  If you’re not yet ready to purchase one of our scope mounts but want to determine your receiver’s groove specifications, the Instruction Kit is available for $5.00 plus shipping.  We will credit you the kit’s cost toward any future purchase of a Sadlak Industries LLC scope mount - so you can’t lose.

When you buy a scope mount from Sadlak Industries you not only get a precision product but the service to back it up.  Our military doesn’t compromise, neither should you!