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Brookfield Precision Tool was the original designer and manufacturer for this type of mount known in the industry as a 3-point contact M14 scope mount. When it was first developed, it was a significant improvement over the original aluminum mounts developed by the military and has served them well since the late 1980’s.  While Brookfield Precision Tool ceased operations in the mid-1990's, the military continues to use the original Brookfield mounts, from stock still remaining in their inventory, in addition to the Sadlak Industries LLC mounts and other scope mount manufacturers.  At Sadlak Industries LLC we believed there  was still some room to make a few small but useful improvements and have listed them below.

Sadlak Industries LLC makes six improvements to the original design.

Sadlak Industries and Brookfield Scope Mounts

Increased length and added two outboard set screws to the Clip Guide Key.
The outboard setscrews wedge the key into the dovetail groove of the stripper clip guide for maximum surface contact and holding power.  The “locked-in” key acts as a immobile stationary “threaded nut” rather than a “floating nut” as used in the Brookfield design.  This more secure “nut” allows for a better anchoring point for the mount at the stripper clip guide area that is better able to withstand the recoil forces without loosening
Sadlak Industries Clip Guide
Sadlak Industries

Brookfield Clip Guide
Brookfield Precision Tool
Slotted hole in mount for Clip Guide Screw
With the Clip Guide Key now securely wedged and locked into the dovetail groove, the elongated slotted hole allows more adjustability without sacrificing holding power and allows the screw to “find” the stationary “nut”.  With the Brookfield design, it’s the other way around.  The screw is confined in its hole thru the mount and the Clip Guide Key has to “rock” to properly align with the screw.  The cocking of the key to align with the screw does not provide maximum surface contact with the receiver and is prone to loosening.  The Brookfield design demands too much from such a small #10 socket head cap screw.  It must:  1) Hold the Clip Guide Key in the receiver groove from moving AND 2) Securely hold the mount against the receiver’s angled face.  One screw cannot do both reliably which is one reason for some of improvements.
Bottom view shown without socket screw
Sadlak Industries Bottom View with Screw
Sadlak Industries LLC
Brookfield Precision Tool Bottom View with Screw
Brookfield Precision Tool

Top view shown with socket screw
Sadlak Industries Slotted Hole
Sadlak Industries LLC

Brookfield Precision Tool Slotted Hole
Brookfield Precision Tool
Added 5 degree case deflection angle on underside of mount.

This feature allows deflection of spent cartridges caused by a worn ejector spring.  With worn parts, the ejected case can be thrown vertically hitting the underside of the mount and deflect directly back down into the bolt which can result in the case being jammed between the bolt and the chamber.  With this feature the chances of this occurring is greatly reduced.
Sadlak Industries 5 deg angle
Sadlak Indsutries  LLC
Brookfield Precision Tool Flat
Brookfield Precision Tool
Added semi-circle notches to access set screws on Clip Guide Key. 

These two notches on either side of the mount allows the Clip Guide Key to be tightened in the receiver groove while the mount is attached making it a faster and a more convenient  installation.
Sadlak Industries Notch
Sadlak Industries LLC
Brookfield Precision Tool No Notch
Brookfield Precision Tool
Increased screw size of third contact point.
The size of the screw that contacts the top front of the receiver was increased from 1/4-28 to 5/16-24  half-dog flat point setscrew.  This gives a greater contact surface with the receiver
Sadlak Industries LLC

Bottom View,
flat point diameter .196
Brookfield Precision Tool

Bottom View,
flat point diameter .150
Sadlak Industries LLC

Top View
Hex Key size 5/32
Brookfield Precision Tool

Top View
Hex Key size 1/8
Eliminate One Service Tool

Now only two hex wrenches are required, not three, to service the mount.  By increasing the size of the flat point screw, described in #5 above, it eliminated one hex wrench to make it a little more convenient for the user.  One less tool to worry about.  Note: a 3/8 box wrench is still required for the left-side Hex Screw.

Tools required for the Sadlak Scope Mount

Brookfield Tools
Tools required for the Brookfield Scope Mount

Iron sight use with a Brookfield Style Scope Mount
Similiar to the original Brookfield Precision Tool mount,  the Sadlak Indust. LLC mount also has a U-shaped channel thru the precision machined Picatinny rail that provides an opening  under the rings to use the iron sights with the scope and rings attached (see photo to left).  This feature aids in the initial zeroing of the scope plus is an alternate aiming option should the scope malfunction. The U-channel is machined with a downwards slope to provide a clear view even when the rear sight is elevated for longer  distances.
Sadlak See Thru
Sadlak Titanium Scope Mount with Prototype Titanium Ring
Other Benefits of a SADLAK INDUSTRIES LLC Scope Mount
In addition to the six physical improvements above, we are the first M14 scope mount manufacturer to offer an optional custom fitting service for your Sadlak Industries LLC mount to your out-of-spec. M1A receiver.  You do not have to ship us your rifle because by using our precision ground pins contained in our Inspection Kit, you can properly inspect the receiver at home.  With the data from you inspection, either faxed or emailed to us, we can modify your mount to fit your receiver perfectly just like on a real M14 government issued receiver.
 So just as our military doesn’t compromise on their equipment, you won’t have to either!


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