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Model 400 - Cant  Flex Simulator
Model 400 Flex Simulator
The Flex Simulator is a Sadlak patented ski boot fitting system used as a sales tool in the retail marketplace.  It is designed to allow the ski boot buyer to quickly and accurately test and compare the ski boot fit and flex in the ski shop before they buy. 
The three (3) Flex Simulator models along with our other assorted ski shop tools, are sold exclusively through ShopTek/SkiKare, a ski shop supplier.

Model 300 Adjustable
Model 300 Flex Simulator
Model 200 - Basic

Model 200 Flex Simulator
In addition to the Flex Simulator, we also supply an assortment of ski related fitting and repair tools such as boot presses, Toe Punches, Boot Spreaders, Single and Double Vise Traps, Files Guides, Base Bevelers, as well as Base and Side Edge Bevel Gauges also available through ShopTek/SkiKare.

vel Gauges
Bevel Gauges
Boot Press and Assorted Parts
Boot Vise
File Guides
File Guides
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Boot Spreader Parts

Vise Trap
Vise Trap

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