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Sadlak Industries introduces its new Tactical Magazine Release Latch featuring a larger, serrated thumb pad to provide a faster, smoother release and a more positive grip.  All other dimensions of this Magazine Release Latch meet USGI specifications.
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A New Library is added to our website offering brochurs, tutorials, and drawings in PFD format for easy printing. 
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Our new Lighter Weight Steel scope mount is introduced to the public.  We have named it the "Airborne Mount" in honor of the 101st AirborneSee Photos

101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell KY has recently purchased 18 of our new lighter weight Airborne Model Steel Scope Mounts


The U.S. Army recently made a request of us - could we provide a steel mount with the weight of an aluminum model.    Our team, led as always by Mike Sadlak, got to work to see what we could come up with.   We couldn't quite meet the weight of the aluminum but we were able to shave a full 2 oz off the weight of the standard steel model.

This mount meets all USGI specs but we have strategically removed non-critical material to realize the 2 oz weight reduction. 

This  new mount will be called the Airborne Model Steel Scope Mount.

We are currently in production so pictures and pricing will be available soon.


We have introduced a new "O" drill to our tools.  The "O" drill is used for cleaning the gas plug.

Photos from some friends serving in Iraq See Photos
Read about the History and Evolution of USGI Spring Guides for the M14/M1ASpring Guide History
Scope Mount Improvements made by Sadlak Industries to Brookfield Precision Tool Design  Improvements
NEW Wrench for SEI Ghost Ring  available in response to customer requests  Ghost Ring Wrench
NEW Piston Cleaning Drill Set now available in Olive Drab or Desert Camo  Piston Cleaning Drill Set
NEW Gas Cylinder Combo Wrench now available in Steel or Aluminum, Olive Drab or Desert Camo  Wrenches
Custom Scope Mount Fitting Service  is now offered Go There
NEW Inspection Kit for M14/M1A left side receiver groove Go There
Sadlak Industries prepares to introduce a line of innovative
Gas Cylinder Wrenches
  Go There
NM Pistons which have been on backorder begin shipping
12/30/2004 We have Updated our online Scope Mount Installation instructions.    Go There
October, and
November, 2004

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